CRIA is committed to charity. We support vulnerable communities in Costa Rican and India. Our processes are transparent and managed by The Charity commission created by CRIA.

Some charity drives CRIA has contributed and managed are listed below.

Contribution to the National Children’s hospital (29th December 2020)
CRIA partnered with the Indian embassy of Panama to donate to the National Children’s Hospital in Costa Rica for a “pulse oximeter” for the Otolaryngology Service. We also donated diapers for hospitalized children, most of whom were under the age of three.

Christmas 2020
CRIA has always been very actively involved with charitable organizations and has always encouraged the community to share their blessings with those not so fortunate
In December 2020, CRIA organized a charity drive to donate several essential items to families and children in need.

For every dollar donated, CRIA made a matching donation with a target to reach a goal of $3000 that would help provide winter essentials such as blankets, socks and a sumptuous meal to over 250 families and also essentials for babies and kids to over 50 families with marginal. Several members of the Indian community came forward with generous donations.



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