The Costa Rica Indian Association (CRIA) extends you a very warm welcome. We appreciate and thank you for showing interest in getting to know us.

The Costa Rica Indian Association (CRIA), a non-profit organisation born in 2010 and formalised in 2015, hasbeen working tirelessly towards fostering the welfare of India and Costa Rica, as well as promoting a cultural exchange between these two magnificent nations. At CRIA, we take pride in bringing India to Costa. We abide by the Indian tradition of embracing all those who wish to get to know our great nation by creating opportunities for the same –whether it be its vibrant festivals or its flavoursome cuisine. So, if you are someone fascinated by India and desire to experience its rich culture, you are welcome to participate in the various events we host annually, by staying updated with these through our Instagram/Facebook pages. However, if you are interested in participating more, you can do so by becoming a member of CRIA.

Why become a CRIA member?

At CRIA, we engage in a range of core activities that bring our members together in an effort to promote an appreciation for the two different cultural traditions and generate a sense of belonging. These activities are spread across the following areas:

Culture: As CRIA believes in strengthening the cultural ties between the two nations, we organise numerous events for the two communities to interact, understand each other’s cultures and develop an appreciation for the same as well as activities that are mutually beneficial. By becoming a CRIA member, you get to actively participate in these events and contribute to the enrichment of the interaction between these cultures.

Embassy/Consular Assistance: CRIA ensures that its members are not lost when it comes to matters that concern the embassy and the consulate. We know that these can be difficult to navigate at times and we provide appropriate assistance to both Indians and Costa Ricans with embassy and consular related work where possible by working closely with these offices. You will also have access to our network and resources through which you can gain additional information and insights.

Visitor Support: CRIA understands that life in a foreign country is not just about overcoming cultural barriers but presents practical challenges as well. Therefore, CRIA offers help and support to fellow Indians traveling to Costa Rica. Orientation events are organised every year to welcome and provide guidance to the new immigrants. An active WhatsApp group of the members is maintained to facilitate connections, nurture a sense of community and offer prompt responses to any queries/concerns. In addition, CRIA has an excellent presence on Facebook and Instagram which will help you stay updated with all our events and activities.

Charity: As creating a meaningful bond between two communities is as much about reaching out to each other in crises as it is about learning each other’s cultures, CRIA creates numerous opportunities for donation and volunteering throughout the year where the members can offer help to both the communities in times of need.

Member Exclusive Privileges

In addition to above, CRIA members are treated to some special offers! A CRIA membership card gives you access to several discounts and offers at various partner services, stores, and restaurants. Read on.

1) Special Offers at Partner Yoga Centres:

  • 12% discount on yoga classes by Yoga ShantiVidya in La Ribera de Belen, Heredia
  • 2 free classes at Rio Oro Yoga

2) Exclusive Offer on Spanish Learning:

  • 10% discount on the A-level course offered by The Indo Hispanic Language Academy (IHLA) & exclusive batches for CRIA members

3) Discounts/Offers at Partner Restaurants:

  • 15% discount at Zaika, Quiznos, Smashburger or Teriyaki
  • 10% discount on cash payments at Curry Kingdom
  • 15% cashback voucher on cash & sinpe payments at Naans & Curries and Taj Mahal every Monday-Thursday

4) Discounts on Professional Services:

  • 5% on translation services by Sophia
  • 10% from Man Tec Residence/Commercial Remodelling and Maintenance Services
  • 10% on the legal services by Juliana

5) CRIA Events:

  • Up to 40% discount on entry tickets to all CRIA events

Hope you loved getting to know about CRIA and all that its membership has to offer. We, Team CRIA, would like to encourage you to become a part of our wonderful family of Indians and Costa Ricans where you will find communion, support and a celebration of cultures! Join us today by clicking the link below.



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